Disney Warrior Princesses: Sexy or Die

Mike Roshuk is an artist that composed these pieces with real women as models. I’m utterly appalled and disgusted by the execution of the concept.






The artwork is fantastic, but let’s remember that the theme of this set is Disney Warrior Princesses.

Let’s do a quick backtrack. Warriors are supposed to fight. This “gear” is definitely not practical. All of these women have only their breasts and nether regions covered, then their legs are exposed (with the exception of Ariel). No, in fact, let’s expose 75% of their bodies without any armour on them, just skin.

Obviously that is why people “suit up” in clothing and gear that covers their entire bodies, right?

And then there are people who don’t seem to think that sexual objectification is a problem. About how women’s bodies are not “secret” anymore, so why all the hush-hush about it?

What makes me equally upset about sexual objectification is when people justify it, and with such a pathetic excuse like “women’s bodies are not private”. This isn’t merely a “preference”, this is an actual value ingrained into individuals, not only men. With mindsets like these, it is no wonder that feminism has not been progressing very fast.

Actually, yes, bodies are private if we want them to be, regardless of sex or gender.

And what does that mean if women’s bodies are not private? Are men’s bodies private then? What determines that? Who actually determines the standards of beauty for women and men? It seems that we are approaching nearer and nearer to the conclusion that patriarchy is still quite dominant in our society.


Secondly, “privacy” and secrecy aren’t the issue here, not even in the peripheral. The problem here is that women are being sexually objectified, meaning they’re dressed to look like objects of sexual appeal. Yes, objects, because nobody is asking about the personality of these women. They’re seen merely as sexual things to look at and enjoy.

And let us not forget how women are depicted in video games. There are essentially only two major roles women play:

  • support: healing, recovery, medic, etc. They support the main character, usually a buff, Caucasian male with ripped muscles.
  • sexy warrior: a fighting type, but really, only their torso is covered (for breasts), and their nether region. Legs (and arms) are almost always exposed, and very often, character designers throw in a bit of cleavage.

For a fresh perspective, let’s see how men would look like if they posed like women:


I apologize that this post was more of a rant rather than an informative piece, but surely the blog can use a little livening up. And I also apologize for this post being much shorter than the rest.

And why not a nice picture to keep you up at night:

jon stewart


I had originally written this post for my serious blog The Grumpy Giraffe, but it’s great to post it on here too because it’s a bit ranty.


Your 2 cents? :)

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