John Curtas says: “Best Jap-German collaboration since 1941” and says nothing’s wrong

A fine look at how the art of satire was sullied by an ignoramus who denies his ignorant. Typical. “Satirist” John Curtas claims that language should not be taken so seriously, but isn’t that ironic when satirists thrive and live on language?

Mr. Curtas, do you know what satire is? Satire is used to critique society for the betterment of it, to fix it. Where was your social message in your tweet? Don’t tarnish the name of satire to cover up your ignorance and bigotry. You don’t need to be a history major to understand the tensions between the Japanese and the Germans. You knew the response you’d get from saying “Japs”. Why are you so shocked then?

Ladies and gentlemen, satire is an art form used to critique and advance society, not to just take a jab.

This type of hit-and-run is not satire. It’s called bigotry.


Yorked but never again!

TC cert TC BEd TC BA


The lighting’s really poor (it was in the car), BUT I DID ITTTTTTTT.

Got a B.A. (it’s with Honours double major), B. Ed., and a Certificate of Bilingualism. I didn’t even know I qualified, haha!



Graduated today, and turned 22!

I GRADUATED TODAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. :) With 2 degrees: Hons. Bilingual B.A. and B. Ed.!

And I turned 22!

Everyone was lovely, and nice, and just totally beautiful. Someone~ treated me to a super over-priced dinner at an Italian restaurant (honestly, $18 for food the size of my hand), and gave me some really awesome gifts. I’ll post pictures later. :)

Look how cute the knives are. Ahhhh!

Look how cute the knives are. Ahhhh!

I got a real life Fruit Ninja game, which comes with 2 toy knives (life-size!!) and some cut fruits. There’s a weird way to play, but you can check it out.

These "fruits" look like jelly candies.

These “fruits” look like jelly candies.


I also got a bingo cage (complete with the bingo balls, cards, and counters/markers), which we played. I had no idea I was so hyper for bingo. I think I’m going to be one of those crazy little 97-year-old ladies that scream “Bingo” when I actually score. Finally, there was a cute toy set for tools, like a wrench and stuff. AND NAILS. And they actually worked. It even came with a toy measuring tape.

And some mints too but they were pink, so ew. Haha!

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