Crazy mascara’d woman drives at 50 km/h in a PARKING LOT

Woman, if you’re going to drive at 60 km/h in a parking lot of a grocery store, you’re asking for trouble.

How did you get your G? HOW????

Looking at her insurance expiry date and overhearing her phone conversation (she was really loud), it was a “new car”, and her policy expires June 1 of next year.

That means she got her car a week ago.

Woman, if you got it a week ago, would you not be more careful with it?

Here’s a picture of our car after the crash.


Headlight was peeling off, and the headlight wiper as well. Left side of the bumper was whipped off.

More pics after the jump.

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Still crying at the dentist, and I’m 21

Gonna keep this mega short ’cause I’m super exhausted (typing this up at 1:56 a.m., but wanted to queue this for later).

So yesterday, I had to go to my pediatrician (who is kicking me out of her clinic because I’m almost 22) to do a physical exam just so she can sign my $75 piece of paper. Yes, it was that expensive. Actually, the piece of paper costs $25, but I had to get my medical summary because she’s kicking me out, so the summary costs a whopping $50!


I was texting to Someone~ as I was waiting, and apparently only my pediatrician requires me to pee in a cup for the labs to examine if I have any inhumane diseases coursing through my veins. I always thought it was standard procedure. Is it only my ex-doctor?

Then at the dentist, I had to get my teeth cleaned. I’ll be honest: I haven’t always flossed. I’m just too tired some nights, okay?! This is normal!

So they’re cleaning my teeth, and today, my legacy continues: I cried. 

It was really only two tears, but still! I’m 21, almost 22 (in 8 days)!! Luckily I wasn’t made fun of with tears.

But the assistant and dentist said I grew chubbier.


Not that chubby is a bad thing… but I was just sort of sad that it as this evident. When I checked the mirror, I thought I looked pretty much the same. Well, not as slim as I used to be, but you know, natural curves of hips and stuff.

No wonder I can only stick the pin through the second hole in my belt, and not my third like I usually do. Maybe I really am getting chubbier!


The Frustration of Missing Puzzle Pieces

2 days ago, I helped out at my placement school for track and field. The kids (Grade 8s) were so happy and surprised to see me :) and we had a super fun time together.

But you can’t imagine the shock registered on my face when I saw that they did not have high jump as a field event. I mean, that was my favourite event.

And I was the shortest person in my Grade 8 year, yet won third. That’s probably why.

The day flew by, and you can’t imagine how elevated I was to know I didn’t have any marking, planning, or photocopying to do, meaning I actually left the school at 3:10 like a normal human being. Except I forgot to take home my reference letters and Saturday school homework, so now I have to go back tomorrow. :( I love the school, but it’s just so far.

After my sweaty day, I went to Someone~’s house to finish up the other model, the Tower of London. This model was so difficult that I didn’t even take any pictures of it. We had to deconstruct it to remove the inside walls. ): Now it looks like a see-through abandoned building, which is more creepy than monumental.

And when we finished, imagine our fury when we realized we were missing two pieces. And they weren’t any small, unnecessary pieces either. They were the pointy steeple-roof parts!

london 1

london 2

london 3

We scavenged all over his room, but to no avail. It was all in vain. I had to go, and then right when I got home, he texted:

oh hey i found the missing pieces lolol

I asked where they were, and turns out they were on the floor. 

At least it’s done? But I don’t have a picture of the complete model then. ):

I really shortened our expedition for the two missing pieces, but really, it was a tough quest. I’m only making it super concise because it’s 2:02 a.m. while I’m writing this (I’m publishing my posts only when I have all my pictures), and I’m super tired.

I raked sand all day for track and field, so I have valid reason to make my posts choppy and whatnot!

And no, I don’t want to do it tomorrow because I’m going to forget details. … Even though I did take out a lot of the details here but that isn’t the point!

Anyway, good night, my <20 readers! Again, I’m surprised anyone wants to follow up on my life. It’s interesting, but bizarre and fascinating.