Meeting Internet People

I remember when parents used to tell us (although today’s parents also do this) that everybody on the Internet was a pedophile. When I turned 18, it so happened that everybody on the Internet was actually a rapist. Either way, everybody on the Internet was some type of predator and you were best not to communicate with them at all.

Blogging? Why would you want to expose your life to strangers?! 

Of course, my biggest issue was, “Would there actually be anybody who’d want to read about my life?”

But today, I met the other admins on this fantastic blog. The four of us answer general inquiries about university, and sometimes program-specific info if we have the knowledge of doing so. It’s not a job: we don’t get paid nor recognized officially, though it’s better for us because we are sometimes a little sassy with our responses when some of our anons are a bit too confused.

All the admins are so friendly, and it’s funny to see that N and I were both pretty impatient people. It’s funny, because she has an interest in abnormal psychology, and I have an interest in teaching, both of which requires enormous amounts of patience.

But today was fun! I introduced them to The Orange Snail, which is located in the basement of Stong College at York University. Pictures will be up in a bit, but the portions were great! Today’s weather was a little too muggy and humid, but we felt comfortable.

The tablecloth was sticky, though, but that much is expected.

If you’re a York University student, I totally recommend coming here to eat. During the September-April year, their $5.31 (+tax) lunch buffet is open! Five dollars and thirty one cents!! You can’t get a better deal than that!

So yeah, pictures of food and the actual restaurant will be up soon.

And remember, not everybody on the Internet wants to steal your soul!


Fried Milk: 炸鮮奶

This was actually a few days ago, but it’s worth sharing!

Chinese restaurants are gaining popularity at an exponential speed with Westerners, but I see the same, stereotypical dishes on their table all the time. You may recognize some of these (the following are not taken by me):

Siu Mai

Siu Mai

hah gow

Ha Gow (shrimp dumplings)

spring roll

Spring Rolls

And occasionally, we would also have:

fried noodles

Fried Noodles

I’m not saying these are bad. They’re popular for a reason, but sometimes I just want to go over to a table with Westerners and tell them to try something totally new.

Such as fried milk. :)

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Stockholm Syndrome or burning passion?

I’m so happy to be one of the admins for York U Life, which is this student-run blog unaffiliated with York University. Basically, we answer inquiries about university (and sometimes about high school) based on our areas of expertise.

We’ve been having a lot of fun with it. Although we’ve received some mean posts, we’ve moved them to the Sass page, where we reply with GIFs.

Which, by the way, is pronounced as “jif”, as the Overlord of all GIFs has announced officially in his award acceptance speech at 2:59.

But yeah, although I am graduating in 2 weeks from York, I just really want to help out potential and current students. :) It feels great to know that someone understands something after I’ve explained it to them.

I guess that’s why I chose to be in teaching.

Not to mention that I’m going to meet up personally with the admins for the first time ever on Monday (June 10)! How exciting!  We already have lots of similar interests, one of the big ones being food and loving Old Spaghetti Factory.

And if you haven’t been to Old Spaghetti Factory and you live in Toronto, then you have to go.

os1 os2

They also talked about Moxie’s, which sounds a bit pricey ($20-25), and that’s just for nachos and pizza and stuff. Their stuff better taste heavenly and be in giant portions ’cause I love to eat, but my wallet doesn’t like it when I splurge.