Meeting Internet People

I remember when parents used to tell us (although today’s parents also do this) that everybody on the Internet was a pedophile. When I turned 18, it so happened that everybody on the Internet was actually a rapist. Either way, everybody on the Internet was some type of predator and you were best not to communicate with them at all.

Blogging? Why would you want to expose your life to strangers?! 

Of course, my biggest issue was, “Would there actually be anybody who’d want to read about my life?”

But today, I met the other admins on this fantastic blog. The four of us answer general inquiries about university, and sometimes program-specific info if we have the knowledge of doing so. It’s not a job: we don’t get paid nor recognized officially, though it’s better for us because we are sometimes a little sassy with our responses when some of our anons are a bit too confused.

All the admins are so friendly, and it’s funny to see that N and I were both pretty impatient people. It’s funny, because she has an interest in abnormal psychology, and I have an interest in teaching, both of which requires enormous amounts of patience.

But today was fun! I introduced them to The Orange Snail, which is located in the basement of Stong College at York University. Pictures will be up in a bit, but the portions were great! Today’s weather was a little too muggy and humid, but we felt comfortable.

The tablecloth was sticky, though, but that much is expected.

If you’re a York University student, I totally recommend coming here to eat. During the September-April year, their $5.31 (+tax) lunch buffet is open! Five dollars and thirty one cents!! You can’t get a better deal than that!

So yeah, pictures of food and the actual restaurant will be up soon.

And remember, not everybody on the Internet wants to steal your soul!


My Serenade to Sola

Sola is someone I met on tumblr who is very sweet, talented, smart, and pretty. :) We became bffs within like 2 days of talking to each other.

She drew me a really pretty portrait of my selfie.



SHE EVEN ADDED SPARKLES. And she said I was a Disney princess.


So as a thank-you gift, I wrote and sang her a song to the tune of “Hey Soul Sister” from Train.

I only had one attempt so… yeah, please don’t let your ears bleed too much.

Here’s the link to my song “The Prettiest Sunflower”, because somehow WordPress isn’t letting me upload my MP3.

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Wordpress layout and Daft Punk


It can’t have been just me to notice the new, darkened layout of the sidebar in the dashboard and the little top bar on top of every blog.

I’m not hating on it. I actually like it better this way because the letters and words stand out a lot more. The words are a bit big on the dash though, but whatever. I’m alright with it. It doesn’t look cluttered. :)

Anyway, I just came across this awesome video from San Cisco. They did a cover of the new hit song “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk.

Song starts at 1:15.

I’ve been a loyal fan of Daft Punk since high school during that electronic phase we’ve all went through (though very few of us admit that we liked it). But I don’t know… I can’t seem to find it in me to like Get Lucky.

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