Snakes + rain bullets + 3D puzzles = 10/10 day

Toronto/GTA weather is insane. For my readers who aren’t residents of Ontario, GTA means Greater Toronto Area, which are the suburbs surrounding Toronto. We’ve literally had bullets of rain shot down at us every which way, then 20 seconds later, it’s so sunny it burns my skin. And then somehow the clouds gang up on us and, basically, a waterfall pounds us for another 20 to 40 seconds. And then it’s sunny again.


Toronto + GTA


Literally 17 seconds later

My shirt wasn’t even dry in those intervals of dryness!

Yesterday was pretty awesome. I apologize for not writing yesterday, I was way too exhausted to think coherently. I have a mammoth post right after the jump about awesome animals we saw, and the fantastic Canadian weather, and a new-found love for an activity that I used to completely hate doing. :)

Comes with awesome pictures! :D

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Birds are chirping at 9:00 p.m.

But… why?


On another note, I’m doing my AQ (think of it as an extra course to boost teacher’s qualifications: Additional Qualifications), and I’m almost done! We’re on the last 4 modules now, I’m so excited. There’s only 2 weeks left, meaning that I’ll be done with this Primary AQ and I’ll be graduating on the same day! :)

It’s so bizarre thinking about it now. I still remember in the summer before my first year that I was planning bus routes and had week passes to test out these routes. I remember freaking out about whether I would write fast enough to take notes (which I did, and even drew pictures for notes). I remember worrying about mean profs and checking, which is the undergraduate student’s bible when enrolling into courses.

And if you’re a high school student, trust me, is going to be your saviour… most of the time.

Sometimes, only the really upset people write reviews, and a prof’s rating may plummet below ground. With these ratings, you really have to take them with a grain of salt. Only students who feel strongly about a prof (good or bad) would write reviews. People who feel neutral or more in the middle are definitely not going to post because the prof hasn’t made that big of an impression on them.

Oh, and I remember my first textbook list! It was so pricey because I went in really early to buy my books, and no used books were there yet, so I had to buy all new books. On top of that, I bought all my books from the bookstore, so no discounts or anything applied to me.

Luckily I had some veterans who gave me tips on buying books (or rather, photocopying them), so that saved my wallet from the second blow in my second year.

I’m so happy to graduate, and I had a really fun time. I don’t want to diss my Keele buddies, but I feel like if I was a Keele student, I would not have been so happy with my university career. Glendon was definitely the fit for me, what with its small class sizes and picturesque scenery and forests.

2 weeks, guys. 2 weeks!